Vihaan Doshi

Vihaan Doshi– Student, The Orchid School


How internet culture changes the way we think 

The advent of the internet has caused a giant leap forward in the ability of an
average person to access information. We are a part of a complex ecosystem
filled with online communities, radical new ideas and an abundance of
memes. It is time we started taking internet culture seriously to truly
appreciate the effect that it has on us and, ultimately, on society.


Vihaan is currently a student in Class XII at The Orchid School.
Having spent the past 5 years moderating a large online forum, writing content for an e-commerce website and editing articles on Wikipedia, he is a strong believer in the power of the Internet to make our lives better.

Additionally, he loves watching interesting YouTube videos, scrolling through political Twitter threads and posting original memes on Reddit. He is particularly proud of being in the top 1% of Reddit users worldwide.

Besides this, he has attended the prestigious DST-Inspire camp at IISER, Pune and volunteered as a teacher at social organisations. He enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching 1940s Noir movies and playing badminton.