Shreya Senapaty

Shreya Senapaty- Student, The Orchid School


Topic – The Pressures of being me
We, the GenZ are looked upon as a generation with abundant choices,
fleeting passions and lacking determination and dedication. Yet, does this
view truly encase the life we live? In today’s world of growing competition,
every pressure is heightened and intensified. Always be the best, don’t let us
down, society doesn’t approve… how often have heard words like this?
Maintaining polished and impeccable facades, fabricating an identity worth
imprinting on the veil of the living, the juxtaposition of conforming with
society’s ideals yet being individualistic are some of the common cliches that
have become new world aphorisms creating a slew of obligations and


Shreya is a 12th grade student currently studying Math, Physics and Chemistry. Her inborn curiousity gave rise to her passion for science which she wishes to further pursue. An avid reader who will defend the writings of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and George RR Martin with equal fervour, she is also a staunch believer that writing is the best outlet for emotions. With a logic-orientated mind, she has participated and won many logic based exams and events the most notable being Technothlon held by IIT Guwahati. A debater and MUNner since a young age, she loves debating and defending her opinions on any platform and can be seen catching up on world politics in her free time. While she is not fond of sports, she loves the thrill of a good swim or gym workout.

In this talk she hopes to express as accurately as possible the pressures a youth of this generation faces. It highlights the struggles we face in a world where rising competition and perfectionist ideals are pushed onto us.