“History has always been shaped by the power of the youth.”

We, the youth, are a melange of unique skills, ideas and energies. We need to unite these individual rhythms, synchronising them into one strong pulse to make the best version of the future a reality. This can only be achieved with the right mindset and combined efforts.

This TEDx event aims at fine-tuning our mindset by bringing in professionals from different walks of life. We want to give the youth an insight into holistic development and a more practical approach to life.

  Generation Z is a tech-savvy generation that is shaped by the internet. The internet serves as a forum for people to put forth their views freely. Social media has brought the world closer and helped us stay connected. Virtually all of human knowledge is accessible with just a click of a button. The internet is saturated with various kinds of media: blogs, videos, tweets, websites, podcasts and memes. It is important to understand the effect popular media has on us individually and collectively.

Our Challenges

Our skill set must continue to evolve with the ever-changing demands of modern workplaces. Youth Empowerment, where young people take charge of their own lives, has been rising for the past few years. Our education prepares us for the visible challenges of the corporate world. Given the pace of innovation in most disciplines, the knowledge we get from school and college isn’t sufficient. Moreover, there are a lot of new opportunities in fields still waiting to be discovered.

How can we prepare ourselves?

We try to work towards redefining old beliefs and customs, building a stable foundation for our communities. Feminism isn’t just an ideology that needs to be upheld; it is a movement that urges people to spread the message of equality. It isn’t a fight against men, but rather an effort to promote equal opportunities, rights, respect, and dignity in our society. Only through mutual respect and understanding can we reach a day where equality is not just an abstract possibility but a practice.

What this event is about

The TEDxTheOrchidSchool 2019 event focuses on addressing all these topics and more. We encourage adults to mentor us, help to maximise our potential and provide the spark to mobilise the youth into action. Incorporating all these ideas, the theme of the event is – Youth Pulse: Mentor, Maximise and Mobilise.