Our Team


Tanmay Goyal

Hey, I’m Tanmay, the licensee and the organiser for TEDx TheOrchidSchool 2019. My passions include being recognised for my work, being competitive and striving for the highest degree of perfection in everything I do. I enjoy testing my limits.
My interests include playing guitar ,playing cricket, taking lead in various activities, public speaking and taking part in various quizzes and debates, etc.

Lakshmi Kumar

Core Committee

Namrata Majhail
Sangeeta Kapoor
Netre Kulkarni
Ashwini Shah
Anindita Ghosal
Priya Sriram
Pravin Gaikwad
Atharva Nanavate

Hi! I am heading the Video Productions and Editing team as well as the Stage and Audio Management team. Technology always fascinates me. My hobbies include speed-solving different types of Cubes, travelling, paper-modelling.

Riya Khadilkar

Hello, I’m Riya and I’m heading the website and social media team. I am an avid reader and a passionate writer. I also enjoy doing social work.

Tejas Ware

I am Tejas Ware and I’m heading the Art and Stage designing team. I will ensure an authentic look and theme-based design of the venue. My interest is in space exploration and aviation technology.

Vihaan Doshi

Hey, I’m Vihaan! I am managing event registrations and communications. In my free time I like to watch 1940s Noir movies, make memes and watch YouTube videos. My memes have been featured on the popular YouTube series, ‘Meme Review’ hosted by PewDiePie

Executive Committee

Aayush Mahale

I am Aayush Mahale, a school renowned artist and an aspiring 3D artist and animator, and am heading the Design Committee.

Aryan Devand

I am Aryan Devand and I am a part of the video and production team. I love to shoot videos and click pictures. I hope to ensure that each and every moment of the TEDx event will be captured

Atharv Kotkar

Hi, I’m Atharv Kotkar and I’m heading the TEDx design committee. I’ve been doing graphic design for 4 years and am aspiring to become a graphic designer

Ishaan Kulkarni

Hi I’m Ishaan, I edit and direct videos when I’m bored, and that’s exactly what I’ve done for this TEDx event so, hope you enjoy.

Kaavya Iyer

Hello, my name is Kaavya. I am a part of the Registrations Department. I have been learning various dance forms for almost 11 years.

Mihika Sanghvi

Hello my name is Mihika and I am a part of the communications team. My hobbies include playing basketball , sketching and dancing. Since the past few years I have taken up leadership roles.

Moulik Kumar

Hi I’m Moulik, a machine learning and motorsport enthusiast. I love writing code, creating music, and above all, watching Formula 1. I’m a part of the website development committee

Pradyun Ramesh

Hi I’m Pradyun Ramesh, a space science and artificial intelligence enthusiast. Football and coding are my hobbies.I am a part of the Website Development committee.

Pratham Suryawanshi

Hello! I am Pratham and I am managing the audio and the band performances for this TEDx event. I am a musician and have composed music for a Marathi play and a short film. I also run a YouTube channel!

Rounak Yadav

Hey, I am Rounak , member of the stage and Video management team. I love to travel, solo trips and long bike journeys with friends are my favourite .

Shreya Senapaty

Hey!! I’m Shreya, an avid reader and writer who took the monotonous path of sciences in grade 12. As a part of the finances team, I hope to ensure a well planned and arranged event which is throughly enjoyed by everyone.

Shruti Gadkari

Hi, My name is Shruti. I am part of Communications committee. I enjoy participating in various activities involving internships, public speaking and event organization.

Siddharth Iyer

Hi, I am Siddarth and I am incharge of the event’s social media and publicity. I am passionate about robotics and tennis

Tanisha Rathod

My name is Tanisha Rathod. I am part of the registration department. I enjoy coding, playing basketball and listening to influential speakers. 

Vedang Bhelande

Hi! I’m Vedang, and I’m part of the finances and logistics committee. By paying attention to detail and meticulous planning, I hope to ensure a smooth functioning of this event.

Yash Gadgil

Hi! I am Yash. I’m a part of the Video team for the event. Besides editing videos my other passions are biology and Japanese culture.

Art Volunteers

Backstage Volunteers