Generation Z

We possess the unique distinction of being the first generation that grew up in the 21st Century. While our parents migrated to the Internet as adults, we were raised in an environment that was surrounded by digital technology. We don’t know a world without smartphones and social media. The internet has ushered in an era of rapid social change shaped by technological advancement, widespread globalisation and limitless access to information.

It is an undeniable fact that our lives are inextricably intertwined. Communication is no longer limited by geography and our friends and family are just a click away. Ideas, too, can now move freely across boundaries. After all, one tweet has the power to define global trends for an entire week.

Even while retaining the essence of our heritage and traditions, we redefine them to fit modern contexts. We pride ourselves on being open minded, politically informed and environmentally conscious. Social awareness allows us to make a difference and be better citizens of society. The success of the LGBT movement in recent decades is a milestone in the continued struggle for equality.

Unfortunately, we are forced to bear the brunt of problems inherited from previous generations. Ending the climate change status quo is already our responsibility. The advent of AI – while ground-breaking – has made millions of jobs vulnerable to automation. The question remains: Will we be able to compete against robots?

Speaking of competition…Today, there are at least three times as many students vying for the same seat than there were four decades ago! The opportunities simply haven’t kept pace with the ever-growing applicant pool. Faced with intense competition we are forced to relentlessly pursue perfection. This atmosphere of pressure and stress is not only detrimental to our mental health but it can also cause us to lose sight of what really matters. If there ever was a time for education reform, it is now.

The road ahead is full of opportunity and innovation, but is also riddled with uncertainty.