Arun Wakhlu

Arun Wakhlu – Founder Director and Chief Mentor of Pragati Leadership


Topic – Leading with Compassion for a New World:  The world needs leaders to focus on people; drive people for a higher purpose tapping compassion as a tool. While
competition and profits drive the agenda, our youth needs to hear the success stories
of leading from the heart.


Arun Wakhlu is the Founder Director and Chief Mentor of Pragati Leadership, based in Pune, India. A spiritually inspired and professionally skilled community working with leading clients in 29 countries, Pragati Leadership works to unfold sustainable value for all stakeholders. Arun is also the Chairman of Pragati Foundation, an NGO working for catalysing sustainable livelihoods and compassion in education.

Arun is a member of the global executive council of the Charter for Compassion. Author of the book “Managing from the Heart” and co-author, of the book “One Wholesome World”. Arun has initiated and facilitated several international conferences to foster peace, prosperity, and collaboration for compassion. He has logged over 30,000 hours of service in the area of Wholesome Leadership TM and organisational development.

His current area of active interest and focus is developing “I-Catalyst” and Wholesome Leaders: Conscious leaders who catalyse accelerated innovation, inspiration, initiative and integration in organisations and society